Prunus avium Seedlings (Mazzard Cherry) 

Sweet cherry rootstock. Certified Virus Index (CVI) seed source. More water tolerant than mahaleb, cold hardy, resists root-knot nematode, vigorous, moderately resistant to oak root fungus.

Prunus mahaleb Seedlings (Mahaleb Cherry)

Sweet and sour cherry rootstock. CVI seed source. More drought tolerant and cold hardy than mazzard. Resists bacterial canker. Smaller tree than mazzard. Moderately resistant to crown gall and root-lesion nematode.

Prunus myrobalan Seedlings (Plum)

Standard size rootstock for ornamental and fruiting plums. Has somewhat uniform tree size. Resistant to root-knot nematode. Mildly resistant to crown gall. Compatible with wide range of cultivars. It makes a strong, well anchored tree that is adapted to a variety of soils, including heavy soils.