Old Home x Farmingdale 87 (OHxF 87)  

Hardwood Cuttings Semi-dwarfing rootstock for fruiting pear. More dwarfing than the OHxF 333. Good for high density plantings. Resistant to fire blight.

Old Home x Farmingdale 97 (OHxF 97)

Hardwood Cuttings  Rootstock for fruiting pear. Standard size, but more precocious and productive than seedling stocks.  Appears to be especially valuable for Asian pears. Resistant to fire blight.*

Old Home x Farmingdale 333  (OHxF 333)

Hardwood Cuttings  Semi-dwarfing rootstock for fruiting and flowering pear. Resistant to fire blight, collar rot, woolly pear aphids and pear decline. It is 1/2 to 2/3 standard size.  Precocious, well-anchored, very productive trees.*

Vigorous ornamental and fruit tree rootstock for pear cultivars. Standard size.

Pyrus communis Seedlings 

*Grown by Heritage Nursery