Old Home x Farmingdale 87 (OHxF 87)  

Hardwood Cuttings Semi-dwarfing rootstock for fruiting pear. More dwarfing than the OHxF 333. Good for high density plantings. Resistant to fire blight.

Old Home x Farmingdale 97 (OHxF 97) *

Hardwood Cuttings  Rootstock for fruiting pear. Standard size, but more precocious and productive than seedling stocks.  Appears to be especially valuable for Asian pears. Resistant to fire blight.

Old Home x Farmingdale 333  (OHxF 333)*

Hardwood Cuttings  Semi-dwarfing rootstock for fruiting and flowering pear. Resistant to fire blight, collar rot, woolly pear aphids and pear decline. It is 1/2 to 2/3 standard size.  Precocious, well-anchored, very productive trees.

Pyrus communis Seedlings 

Vigorous ornamental and fruit tree rootstock for pear cultivars. Standard size.

*Grown by Heritage Nursery