Geneva® Rootstock Care Instructions

We are proud growers of Cornell University's Geneva® Apple Rootstock series. For in-depth information on the series, including traits, disease resistance and size comparisons, follow this link to view Cornell University's Geneva® Apple Rootstock Comparison Chart. 


Some members of the Geneva® series are prone to dehydration, so it is important that you do not let the roots dry out. Keep the roots moist, but also in a place with good drainage. Do not let the roots sit in standing water.  Because of Ethylene gas’ damaging effect on rootstock, plants should be kept away from apples at all times, which contain Ethylene gas. Do not store rootstock in the same room or container as apples without ventilation. 


Some growers find it is best to let rootstock acclimate for a week or two before planting. If the rootstock have been in cold storage bring them up to room temperature by placing them in a warmer area before planting. 


Irrigate your ground prior to planting your rootstock. Once planted, water in immediately.

Grafting Care

The Geneva® rootstock we grow are treated with an anti-desicant when packed into storage bins. You may want to treat them once again with an anti-desicant after they are grafted in order to retain the trees' moisture.